Listed below you’ll find rates for our rental apartments which are all located along Kehua Beilu (科华北路) in South Chengdu:

Apartment TypePrice per night
(1-3 nights)
Price per night
(4-14 nights)
Price per night
(15-30 nights)
Price per month
(1-2 months)
Price per month
(2+ months)
Apartment sleeps:
Luxury Garden 2 Bedroom Apt.360 RMB330 RMB300 RMB8,000 RMB7,000 RMB1-5 Guests
1 Bedroom w/ Living Room200 RMB180 RMB160 RMB4,200 RMB3,900 RMB1-2 Guests
Studio170 RMB155 RMB140 RMB3,500 RMB3,350 RMB1-2 Guests
Studio (Rooftop)190 RMB170 RMB150 RMB3,650 RMB3,500 RMB1-2 Guests
Studio (Special)200 RMB180 RMB160 RMB3,800 RMB3,650 RMB1-2 Guests
2 Bedrooms (no Living Room)210 RMB190 RMB170 RMB4,300 RMB4,000 RMB1-4 Guests
Small Bedroom (shared apt.)95 RMB90 RMB80 RMB2,100 RMB1,900 RMB1-2 Guests
Large Bedroom (shared apt.)115 RMB105 RMB95 RMB2,400 RMB2,200 RMB1-2 Guests
    • Apartments include free wifi, all utility costs (gas, water, etc.), air conditioning/heating units, all basic furnishings, clean bedding, kitchen appliances and cooking utensils, guests only need to bring their own toothbrush and toothpaste 🙂
    • Guests staying more than 7 days are entitled to a free apartment cleaning, additional cleaning services are available
    • For rentals of 1-2 months duration, one month’s rent & 500 RMB deposit is required at move-in
    • For rentals of 2+ months duration, two month’s rent & 800 RMB deposit is required at move-in
    • Sorry, but pets are not allowed 🙁
    • All apartments are located at the SOHO Fei Cheng Building at #60 Kehua Beilu near Sichuan University’s west and south gates and the American Consulate, here is the Chinese address: 科华北路60号,SOHO沸城,近川大西门/蓝色加勒比广场)