HakkaHomes provides housing for all sorts of travelers and visitors that find themselves in Chengdu. Whether you’re from Poland or Peru, a student or an employee of a multi-national, we have rooms that are comfortable and affordable.

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Within 1-15 minutes walk of HakkaHomes Apartments, you can find:

  • The Nijiaqiao Subway Line 1 Station, Taxis, and Buses
  • Sichuan University
  • The American & German Consulates
  • Countless Chinese & Western Restaurants (Peter’s Tex-Mex, The Spot, Hakka Kitchen, Shamrock)
  • Countless Bars & Nightlife Locales (Jellyfish, .TAG, HereWeGo, NASA, Berlin Haus, Beer Nest, Leg ‘N Whistle)
  • 24 Hour Convenience Shops
  • Many Banks & ATMs
  • Movie Theatres & Shopping (TrustMart, Sabrina’s, many more)
  • Computer City Electronics Mall
  • Dry Cleaning, Massage & Other Services

HakkaHomes are located in the Zongbei neighborhood on the south side of Chengdu. The apartments are 15 km from the airport, 4 km from Tianfu Square, 8 km from the main train station, and 15 km from the Giant Panda base.




On Chengdu’s East Side reside a community of Hakka people whose ancestral lineage precedes the Ming and Qing dynasties–over 500 years ago. This enclave descends from generations more recently from Guangdong Province.

The earliest descendants of the Hakka people come from China’s Central Plains. Due to war, famine, and political prejudice, they were forced to migrate southward. Over many generations, the Hakka resettled throughout the modern day provinces of Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Taiwan, and finally Sichuan. The Hakka are also present in more than 70 countries, and are estimated to number at 100 million worldwide.